Roadmap for v1.4 Beta (Aurelius Update)

- Configure index of site
- Better handling of shop and it's items
- Updater to feetch app images and new apps in cache
- Search of game's in list
- Order game list by several things in right menu.
- Settings page with user settings like email,firstname ...
- GameAccounts settings page to tie steamid,fornite,pubg .... so he can show personal stats on page
- Multilanguage support
- Gallery with player kills
- ...

v1.3 Beta

- Player profiles are now public !
- Player images are now shown on Profile !
- AppPlayTime is now correct on player profile.
- Added in shop "nocna"

v1.2 Beta

- Added tutorial page
- Added new pictures
- Cache of Game & Player listing pages
- Show how mutch player time spent playing some game

v1.1 Beta

- Everything regarding shop and buying is done/fixed.
- Added in Game list fiew infos, how mutch ppl played game, how mutch it's vote (stars)
- Added when hover over vote on a game list,a tiny popup shows with how mutch ppl voted for a game and how mutch exectuion's
- Profile now shows favorite games of user